2012 IFS Priyanka Sohoni Biography Personal details, Age, Life Style, Salary & Husband

Let’s read about Priyanka Sohoni biography, an IFS officer, and helping our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi in a recent unofficial summit with chinas prime minister Xi Jinping.

Dreaming one thing is very easy, but the path needed to fulfil it is tough to crack; the winner is who passes all difficulties and reaches their goal.

Priyanka soon is an IFS Indian Foreign service officer. At the age of 32, she cracked the UPSC exam and lived her dreams. She is the inspiration for every upcoming UPSC aspirant who wants to achieve something great in their life.

If you want to know about the IFS Priyanka sohoni biography, then keep reading this article. Indian foreign service comes under UPSC examination, and it needs a lot of potential and skill.

Priyanka Sohoni Personal details

The following details are from Priyanka sohoni biography. if you know about her please read this article properly and be inspired by her.

priyanka sohoni biography
NamePriyanka Sohoni
OccupationIFS Indian Foreign Service
AwardGold Medal from Bimal Sanyal Memorial
Date of birth16th October
Present age32years
Height5.8 feet
UPSC Rank26
Relationship statusunmarried
State Position3rd
Fathers nameN/A
Mothers nameN/A
Husband statusN/A

Education Part On Priyanka Sohoni Biography

IFS Priyanka sohoni biography: Priyanka sohoni mentioned that she was born on 16th October in Maharashtra state and is currently 32 years old.

priyanka sohoni biography

She is still confident, young, assertive, self-confident, determined to do her job, and unmarried. Her educational qualification was not mentioned in Google any platform.

He praised Sujata Singh in her first service carrier for her determination towards her job and also got a gold medal. In 2004 this gold medal was awarded to 15 officers.

Sujata Singh was an immediate foreign officer who has awarded IFS Priyanka sohoni to this prestigious award during her training period.

Priyanka Sohoni UPSC Journey

In Priyanka Sohoni biography, we have read that she is prepared for the UPSC exam after graduation.
She prepared for UPSC with lots of hard work and determination. That’s why she cracked the UPSC examination in a short period and reached her destination.

Priyanka Sohoni UPSC rank was 26, and she cracked it in the third position. she has been working in the Indian embassy in china since 2016.

In Maharashtra state, she was in the third position among the successful UPSC candidates. The UPSC exam on the part of CSE is challenging despite her having excellent scores in this topic and finding her dream job.

priyanka success strategy

Everyone has their strategy to fulfil their dream, but we always full only successful man strategy because it is the right strategy to follow and reach the goal. Systems play a vital role in every competition because of their colossal syllabus and high competition level.

IFS Priyanka sohoni has achieved this position through her hard work, sound strategy, and dedication also. She believes that if you are passionate about one thing, you can only reach it through hard work.

She mostly spends her time taking mock tests in each section, doing assessments, practising and discussing previous year’s question papers, and learning current daily affairs by video with reading paper.

IFS Priyanka sohoni mark sheet is now available online. She has got perfect in the CSE, so she got her dream job. These things will make you a better candidate for the civil service examination.

priyanka sohoni IFS salary

Everyone needs more amount of money to have a sustainable life. Salary is must significant because of our healthy lifestyle which is must need today.

If you are thinking about cracking the UPSC exam and joining an IFS officer, you must know about its salary, work, and lifestyle. Let us know about her salary detail on this job.

On the 1st January 2018 session, Priyanka Sohoni told the audience about her personal and financial details. She received 74,000 amount per month, and this data is also available on the foreign department website.

You can also view her detail on the foreign department website. After knowing this let us start preparing for the UPSC exam and crack it for the UPSC exam and crack it for a fantastic salary.

priyanka sohoni life

Priyanka Sohoni has proved that a woman can make possible their dreams into reality. She has given the power, support, and inspiration to all the women who have will power to achieve something in her life.

In the 2012 batch, she was awarded the best training officer and received a gold medal for this. Priyanka Sohoni is doing her job with full attention and responsibility so that she has been receiving the gold medal at the beginning of her carrier.

In Bimal Sanyal memorial, she was awarded by Sujata Singh due to her hard labour at her service and determination to get functions.

On Friday and Saturday on Mahabalipuram, a meeting between Honorable prime minister Narendra Modi president of China, Xi Jinping.

She explained both conversations to each other in his language excellently during this meeting. She was also praised by both prime ministers and got many congratulations and good wishes from prime minister Narendra Modi for her effortless activity.

In this meeting, Priyanka sohoni, by the mediator, plays a vital role. It was an unofficial summit. IFS Priyanka Sohoni was explained to prime minister Narendra Modi in Hindi and president Xi Jinping in the Chinese language.

In Google about Priyanka Sohoni family, living place, school or college name, and Priyanka Sohoni husband name is not mentioned. She keeps it secret from the media and people.

It is all about Priyanka Sohoni personal and professional life, the inspiration for all youth of this generation, especially all girls and women. So lastly, be like her, proud of your parents, get your dream job, and dream life stay happy.

q. Priyanka sohoni husband’s name

Priyanka sohoni husband’s name is not known due to her job’s privacy policy.

q. Priyanka sohoni caste

Priyanka sohoni caste is not known due to her job her details are not shared by any social media.

q. Priyanka sohoni present age

the current age of Priyanka sohoni is 32 year


In this post, I have given you simple information about Priyanka Sohoni, if you want to know more about Priyanka Sohoni Biography, then you can tell me by commenting below, I will tell you more about Priyanka Sohoni Biography.

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